Family - Cemetery Grave Markers

This is a work in progress. Please let me know if you see any errors. Missing dates will be added later.  - Travis

Travis' Family
Gary Kim Thompson 1956-2016 Evergreen Hill,-78.4084824
George F. Farnsworth 1899-1988 Evergreen Hill,-78.4077102
Jeannette M. French 1925- Evergreen Hill,-78.4082859
John French 1926- Evergreen Hill,-78.4082852
Mary M. Thompson 1928-2002 Evergreen Hill,-78.4084814
Virginia A. Farnsworth 1902-1996 Evergreen Hill,-78.4077092

Lynn's Family
Arline F. Satison Mt. Calvary,-78.7879375
Audrey B. Satison Mt. Calvary,-78.788664
David A. Satison Mt. Calvary,-78.788655
Dennis E. Satison Mt. Calvary,-78.7879382
Father Harry B. Tabaczynski Mt. Calvary,-78.7879372
Geraldine R. Otwell Mt. Calvary,-78.7860274
John A. Neuner Mt. Calvary,-78.7898472
Justin J. Georgette Mt. Calvary,-78.789522
Kevin G. Otwell Mt. Calvary,-78.7860254
Marion B. Schiffhauer Mt. Calvary,-78.7898593
Marlene M. Georgette Mt. Calvary,-78.7895348
Mildred Newner Mar 23 1914 Age 2 Mo Mt. Calvary, -78.784497
Mother Francis H. Tabaczynaski Mt. Calvary,-78.7879375
Ottilie M. Neuner Mt. Calvary,-78.7898348
Roman G. Schiffhauer Mt. Calvary,-78.7898717
Ronald A. Satison Mt. Calvary,-78.78866
Ronald H. Satison Mt. Calvary,-78.7886667
Benjamin Hasfurter 1885-1945 Mt. Olive,-78.5137956
Elmer Hasfurter 1919-1980 Mt. Olive,-78.5137986
Father Charles Krause 1858-1931 Mt. Olive,-78.5137946
Father Peter Hasfurter 1860-1928 Mt. Olive,-78.513117
Hilda Hasfurter 1891-1975 Mt. Olive,-78.513797
Mother Mary Krause 1862-1934 Mt. Olive,-78.5137963
Mother Rose Hasfurter 1859-1925 Mt. Olive,-78.5131174
Herbert Satison Ridge Lawn,-78.7869558
Edna T. Chowaniac St. Augustine,-78.6341544
Frank Chowaniac St. Augustine,-78.6346633
Infant Joseph Chowaniac 1939 St. Augustine,-78.6354234
Leona Chowaniac St. Augustine,-78.6346633
OUR DARLING BABY BOY - CHOWANIAC Aug 20, 1956 St. Augustine,-78.6355039
Richard W. Chowaniac St. Augustine,-78.6341527
Stanislaw J. Chowaniac St. Augustine,-78.6341544
Stephen A. Chowaniac St. Augustine,-78.6341544
Helen A. McNett St. Johns,-78.7935698
Her brother Albert Rogowski St. Johns,-78.7935718
Herbert Satison 1903-1965 St. Johns, -78.793800
Loretta B. Satison 1905-1994 St. Johns, -78.793802
Jesse "Jack" L. McNett St. Johns,-78.7935695
Isadore Zimmermann German and French,-78.7882195